Zero Carb Weight Gainer Recipe

Serge Nubret eating food
Eat Like Serge Nubret At A Low Cost
May 4, 2014
Serge Nubret Quote #14 - "Eat a lot and train hard, I am sure that you will succeed."
Serge Nubret Quotes #14
June 11, 2014

Zero Carb Weight Gainer Recipe

Serge Nubret weight gainer

A Zero Carb Weight Gainer Can Exist

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We all know eating like Serge Nubret (6 pounds a day) is an amazing feat any man or woman could accomplish. Most mere mortals, like me, have trouble eating the amounts Serge can but have no fear because I have the a zero carb weight gainer recipe I’ve created myself!

The Solution

Throughout the year of following Serge’s training program and diet, I have found THE recipe for a zero carb weight gainer. Use a big blender and add these items in.

The nutrition facts for these items are below. If we calculate the ingredients above, we would get a weight gainer that has 758 calories, 48 g of fat, 0 sugars, o carbs, and 75 g of protein. Not bad!

Zero Carb Recipe

Where To Get It

Amazon is where I get my protein as well as Barclay’s Flax Oil. It’s the cheapest price you’ll find on the internet. Trust me, I’ve scoured because I use these items for months, I have to save every dollar I can get.

Save Shipping Costs

To save even more, if you upgrade your Amazon account to Amazon Prime, you can find a vendor that gives you free two-day shipping. You can try Amazon Prime for free for 30-days. Click here to sign up and start saving.

If you haven’t read my in-depth article about Serge Nubret’s actual diet, go here. It contains factual information on Serge’s diet from the beast himself.

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