Eat Like Serge Nubret At A Low Cost

"You will get stronger and stronger by doing my program, just be patient." - Serge Nubret
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April 22, 2014
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May 21, 2014

Eat Like Serge Nubret At A Low Cost

Serge Nubret eating food

Eat Like A Beast & Save Your Wallet

Serge Nubret eating food

For those mighty enough that try to eat 4-8 pounds of meat throughout the day like Serge has, doing this can be tough on your wallet. Throughout my practice of eating like Serge, I have found useful ways to eat the amounts of food required as well as slimming down the total cost.

Serge’s Food Cost

If Serge was alive today eating 6 pounds of beef a day with the average cost of $4.189, it would cost $25.13. For the average person, that may cost too much especially if you’re trying his program for the long run.

How To Save

Instead of buying the beef or steak, taking the time to cook it, and cleaning up afterwards, why not go to your local buffet and have them serve you up your beef? I go to Home Town Buffet almost everyday of the week at a cost of $11.54 (with a discount of $1 from this coupon). It’s all you can eat and I get my daily dose of rare steaks there without having to worry about cooking and clean up.

Home Town Buffet Coupons

If there isn’t a Home Town Buffet in your area, the¬†Golden Corral is another buffet that serves up steaks as well. Search your local buffet places and see if they serve steak or beef.

Do you have any printable coupons you’d like to share? If so, post it in the comments to share.

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